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you-are-the-juice-your-customers-need-dataliveTerms and conditions of this offer:
This offer is available to eligible new and active DataLive clients only that have the right to register a domain.
The offer will apply to the first year of purchase only. Multi-year registrations are encouraged to be investigated.
Following the conclusion of this offer, the domains will be charged at the same standard regular rates. Clients are advised that current prices are subject to change.
Clients may use this offer in conjunction with any other related offers by DataLive.
The offer is not set to expire.
You own your host and have the keys.
You own your domain and hold the keys.
You may build, grow, transfer, change, and otherwise direct your domain as you wish. we endeavor to be your loyal faithful assistants.
This offer is made subject to general terms and conditions, including but not limited to, domain registration agreements, renewal terms and any refund clauses in our standard terms of service.
The above provisions apply on purchase only and may not be combined with other offers.
This offer is valid for new domain purchases only and does not apply to domain transfers.
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